Shoreham Reading Digest: 2nd June

A digest of Shoreham-by-Sea news you might have missed in recent weeks.

Shoreham Reading Digest: 2nd June

Community Action

This is a fantastic idea:

Shoreham residents invited to ‘make history’ by contributing stitched square to community quilt
Shoreham residents are being invited to take part in a creative project to mark the coronavirus crisis and make history together.

And here's the group where it's being organised:

A Stitch In Our Time.
This all began one morning in lock down on the beach. Talking about community and how we can bring everyone together to make history.Well how about being part of a local project to mark Covid-19 and...

It's great to see local children doing such positive things.

Shoreham boy cycles 23 miles to raise money for the NHS
A Shoreham boy has raised hundreds of pounds for the NHS by taking part in a long bike ride.

Pandemic Consequences

Dolphins are playing just off the coast. Are they attracted by the reduced water traffic?

Pod of dolphins swim along with jetskier near Brighton
This is the astonishing moment a lucky jet-skier was visited by a pod of friendly dolphins who swam by his ski in West Sussex. Nicholas Coleman, from Shoreham-by-Sea, filmed the ocean dwellers as they followed his jet ski in the water.

A new local retailer is going virtual until they can open again:

Kitchen retailer turns to tech in pandemic
A kitchen retailer is using technology to open its store in Shoreham-by-Sea after the expansion was delayed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

And the Bishop of Chichester is canvassing local MPs to support the re-opening of churches for quiet prayer:

Bishop asks MPs to lobby for reopening of church buildings
Bishop of Chichester Martin Warner has written to all Members of Parliament whose constituencies are in his Diocese about the continued closure of churches.

Beach danger?

Shoreham grandfather says beach ‘too dangerous’ for his grand-daughter to play on
A Shoreham grandfather has said a beach he has been using for more than 40 years is now too dangerous for his grand-daughter to play on.

Poetry Corner

Everything to me
Looking through to Shoreham ’cross the river from the beach reminds me of the fortune I have here in easy reach Equidistant from the downs to the beauty of the sea this little town where here…
The Ballad of Connaught Avenue: community response to lockdown
A poem written and performed by Gerry Maguire Thompson about a street community in Shoreham by Sea’s inspiring response to Coronavirus/ Covid lockdown

A blast from the past

This appears to be a concept drawn up for Beach Green from one of the many failed proposals. Shame, really. This is quite thoughtful.

Shoreham Beach Cafe BN43 — studio on the rye
<p>studio on the rye architects - architecture and design studio based in Peckham Rye SE15 </p>