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Walking along the boardwalk on Shoreham Beach

Boardwalk Update

Walking along the boardwalk on Shoreham Beach


There’s a post on the Shorehambysea.com forums from a beach resident claiming that the Land Registry have found for the complainants in the issue of the boardwalk gap:

 I can now advise that the Land Registry has initially found in favour of the Old Fort Road resident, who holds freehold deeds dating back to 1915. The Council has an opportunity to contest this decision, but to date they’ve been unable to produce evidence of a supposed 1951 compulsory purchase order (CPO), so this seems unlikely.

Read on.

There’s a hole in my boardwalk…

Life’s a (Shoreham) Beach has returned from its six month hiatus, and touches on the mysterious “hole” in the beach boardwalks:

Now when I say, “links” I’m telling a white lie because there is no link.  Instead there is a wapping great gap in the middle because the owner of a bungalow has allegedly objected to the Broadwalk on the grounds of lack of consultation. Thus we really have two Broadwalks, one which runs from the top of Ferry Road to the start of the bungalow’s boundary, and the other which starts from the end of their boundary and ends at the top of Shingle Road.

As Liz goes on to say, the situation has left the boardwalk somewhat more challenging for its intended audience than it should have been…

More on the Shoreham Beach Boardwalk

Looks like people aren’t delighted with the new boardwalk on Shoreham Beach:

Mr Nicholson said: “It is a path right outside the back of our house, people will be able to see inside our house.
“My main gripe is not the existence of the path, it is a great idea, it’s the poor communication from the council.
“There are other options available in terms of location, which from a conservation and access point of view and for local residents are better options which weren’t considered.”

From a BBC report, which is mainly about people with beach-front property complaining.

There’s an angry letter to the Shoreham Herald, too:

Am I the only person who thinks that Adur DC’s decision to spend this small fortune on something as non-essential as a boardwalk is totally inappropriate in these austere times?

The beginning of the boardwalk from the shops

Shoreham Beach Boardwalk

Walking home last night, I headed along the beach for the first time since I came back from holiday, and found a boardwalk under construction:

A junction on the under-construction Shoreham Beach boardwalk

Boardwalk junction

The beginning of the boardwalk from the shops

The beginning of the boardwalk from the shops

Boardwalk materials

Boardwalk constructions materials

Boardwalk Construction on Shoreham Beach

Boardwalk construction

It’ll make the beach more accessible, to be sure, but I’m not sure I like the “taming” of what still feels like quite a wild beach